Real Estate Agent Cara Atchison voted out by closest ally, George.

After 45 days in the Outback, the self-dubbed Duchess of Double Bay, Cara Atchison, was voted off Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn tonight, after Hayley and, most surprisingly, George, turned on their once-unshakable Brain alliance. Three Castaways remain – Flick, Hayley, and George.

The preceding Immunity Challenge was an elaborate obstacle course that finished with an arcade-style bowling game. Hayley started strong, George stumbled at the hurdles, and Flick came through from behind to secure Immunity in a very emotional victory for her mum.

Flick wins immunity to make it through to the final three on AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR (image - Nigel Wright/10)
Flick wins immunity to make it through to the final three on AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR (image – Nigel Wright/10)

With her spot in the final three now guaranteed and knowing that the final Immunity Challenge has traditionally been endurance-based, Flick decided to target Hayley and her strong Challenge track record.  

With Flick immune and Cara and George so tightly bonded, Hayley realised she was in a vulnerable position, only made tougher when Cara revealed that Flick was planning to blindside her. Her only hope was to convince Cara and George to vote for each other, a task easier said than done.

At Tribal Council, Hayley reminded her Tribemates that they needed to think about how they will get to the final two, not just final three. Her plea successfully convinced George and Cara to turn on each other, and Cara was eliminated from the game.

This Sunday sees the epic Grand Finale of Australian Survivor: Brains vs Brawn.With only one excruciating endurance Immunity Challenge standing in the way of the final vote, who will be crowned Sole Survivor? Flick, Hayley or George?

AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR: BRAINS vs BRAWN Grand Final – Sunday 12 September 7.30pm, only on 10 and 10 Play on demand.

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