EXCLUSIVE | FOXTEL reveals online streaming future with new iQ5


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TV Blackbox has obtained the first look at Foxtel’s next generation in set-top box technology, the iQ5.

The new set-top box, which is expected to be released later this year, will allow customers the ability for the first time to stream the full selection of Foxtel’s linear channels and on-demand content over an internet connection.

The new iQ5 will provide customers with the option of setting up a traditional satellite connection, or using wi-fi or ethernet to stream content. The internet option is expected to be a boon for people living in rental or high-rise properties where a traditional Foxtel connection is unavailable.

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TV Blackbox has confirmed the new iQ5 device will be capable of delivering Ultra High-Definition content to customers using either the internet connection or satellite.

Speaking recently at a Business of Media Summit, Foxtel Group CEO Patrick Delany stated the company had adopted a strategy of doubling-down on the multi-year renovation of the business by investing in and strengthening its premium proposition.

“We started with the iQ4 in 2018. We can confirm that later this year, we will launch the iQ5, our first plug-and-play, fully IP-capable IQ set-top.”

“This will be the first set-top in the history of Foxtel that does not require an installer, does not require cable or satellite, and can be plugged in and operating within a few minutes.”

A leaked image of the new iQ5 on a user forum (image - Facebook)
A leaked image of the new iQ5 on a user forum (image – Facebook)

The IQ5 maintains the ability to connect to a roof-top antenna, allowing customers to watch and record free-to-air television, in addition to Foxtel’s services.

The new box also continues to provide access to third-party streaming services including Netflix, ABC iview and SBS On Demand.

With the closure of the Foxtel cable network looming, the company has set itself the goal of moving its entire customer base to internet-connected devices over the next 18 months.

“Foxtel now has 70% of its customers with an IP-capable set-top box,” 

said Patrick Delany:

“And with the iQ5, we want to see all of our remaining customers move to IP.  This will complete another step in Foxtel’s evolution into Australia’s premium digital entertainment platform.”

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Kevin Perry
Kevin Perry
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  1. I wonder how people who are on FTTN and can only get 25mbps speeds going to feel when their streaming is choppy and buffering all the time???

    maybe they can blame rupert murdoch for telling the liberals to scrap FTTP NBN and make it the crap it is today

    • You could not of put it better John. But you will never never ever get a stinking Liberal to admit they were wrong over anything!!

  2. Not sure I see the point of having this, Binge and Kayo all in the market. If Foxtel are going to sack bulk of their satellite installing workforce, price for getting that hardware is surely going to go up. Not sure why anyone would bother with this. The days of linear channels are surely dead

  3. 25mbps in my experience has been fine for Netflix 4K or simply request the satellite as is standard now.

    More interesting though, does this mean 4K is on the way for Kayo and Binge?

  4. Well, Foxtel have extended their Optus Satellite partnership to 2031, so I don’t imagine we’ll be getting kicked off any time soon.

  5. So it’s been over a month now and still no official announcement from Foxtel. @TVBlackbox, where did Foxtel “reveal” the iQ5 and when will we hear/see more about it?

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