Dear Netflix, please save Teenage Bounty Hunters #SaveTeenageBountyHunters


One of the most surprising shows of the year has just been cancelled by the streaming giant, but now the fight is on to save it

Devon Hales and Maddie Phillips have won praise for their depiction of a same-sex relationship on Teenage Bounty Hunters (image – Netflix)

In an age of content overload it’s hard for any show to stand out from the crowd and build a fan base. Occasionally a show comes along that is so different it energises and engages the people who see it so much they will do anything to protect it.

Such is the case with Teenage Bounty Hunters.

While scrolling through Netflix I saw this show pop up and almost skimmed right past it. I hadn’t seen any promotion for it but the title was quirky enough I thought I’d give it a go.

And I’m so glad I did.

The show follows the adventures of fraternal twins Sterling (Maddie Phillips) and Blair (Anjelica Bette Fellini) who accidentally find their calling as bounty hunters. Mixing school life with their secret job, the series is more than fish-out-of-water laughs. This series explores consequences, sexuality and relationships and goes down many unexpected paths.

Lovers of Buffy will get the appeal of this show.

Once I discovered the charm of this show I quickly binged all 10 episodes and was eagerly awaiting season 2. But disaster struck this week when it was revealed Netflix has cancelled the series.

But fans who have fallen in love with the show have launched an online petition to save it.

Of particular note are LGBT+ fans who appreciate the depiction of same-sex exploration from the lead female character, Sterling Wesley. The relationship feels natural and avoids stereotypes, even though the setting is a conservative Christian school. Fans see this show as a safe space to see positive stories representative of the community, even if the characters are flawed.

If you haven’t watched this show, have a look on Netflix today and watch at least two episodes. You’ll be hooked!

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And if you want to help save the show, go here:

Robert McKnight
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  1. Im a 45 year old guy . And quite honestly I enjoyed seeing Dwayne all grown up and quite honestly the show is pretty dang good if 8 binged watch the season in one shot . I would love to see what happens next … I hope you can save it

  2. Loved the show. It was a total surprise gem and a bright spot in 2020. Funny, exciting with some hidden positive messages for youth and adults. Original, hysterical, great writing, with incredible acting by talented people. I felt their feelings, I swear. Best original show Netflix has had. Yes others like Derry Girls and OITNB are close behind. So yeah I put TBH in the same class as those two. #saveteenagebountyhunters


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