TRAILER | I’m Angie, and I’m your Next Bachelorette!


  The Bachelorette   Source: 10 Network
The Bachelorette Source: 10 Network

I’m Angie, And I’m Your Next Bachelorette!

The Bachelorette Australia Coming Soon.

Nothing screams red carpet ready than subtly getting rid of your chewing gum right before you’re about to meet your Prince Charming. Brace yourself Australia, we’re about to reveal the real Angie Kent! Yes, the REAL Angie Kent!

Our fave gal from the Sunshine Coast is The Bachelorette Australia’s newest leading lady, and she’s ready to give this experience her all. Never one to be overly gushy about all that love stuff, this little pocket rocket is ready to finally find the love of a lifetime. The Eric to her Ariel, the Beast to her Belle, the Shrek to her Princess Fiona. You get the drift! 

Angie said: “I am hoping to fall in love. Oh, it feels so weird to say that as I’ve like been this like ball buster that’s always been like “urgh love” for so long, but I’m still going to be me. Bachelorette up the top, bogan down the bottom!

“This is a big deal, like sure I’m a jokester and I’m definitely going to have fun. But I’m going to really give it my all. I’ve never been more ready in my entire life. Bring on the gentlemen.”

She’s conquered the couch, she’s conquered the jungle and now she’s ready to conquer hearts, all in the hopes of finding the man of her dreams. This is one real life fairy tale we all can’t wait to watch. 


The Bachelorette Australia. Coming Soon To 10 And WIN Network.





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