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  The all new lineup for Top Gear  image - supplied/BBCWorldwideANZ
The all new lineup for Top Gear image – supplied/BBCWorldwideANZ

The BBC has overnight released the first teaser trailer for the all new version Top Gear.

The new series of Top Gear will be hosted UK Radio Host Chris Evans and  actor Matt LeBlanc, and will also feature a cast including Formula 1 commentator Eddie Jordan, world record-breaking German racing driver Sabine Schmitz, renowned motoring journalist and YouTube petrolhead Chris Harris, car reviewer and TV presenter Rory Reid, plus The Stig.

The trailer includes clips from films shot in the UK, US, France, Morocco and the UAE and inevitably features an amazing array of cars including the Aston Martin Vulcan, Ferrari F12 TDF and Ariel Nomad. Fans get a proper first look at clips showing Chris Evans feeling a little queasy trackside in California and Matt LeBlanc ‘driving’ a Reliant 3 -wheeler from London to Blackpool.

The new season of Top Gear will premiere in Australia on BBC Knowledge via Foxtel & FetchTV in May. The season is also likely to be repeated on Nine but this is yet to be confirmed.

The new team will cover the entire automotive spectrum and bring with them their own unique and very individual love of cars that will resonate with every type of Top Gear viewer from the family who enjoy the entertainment values of the show, to aspirational car lovers and fanatical petrolheads.



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