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The contestants entered the Masterchef kitchen to discover it had been transformed into a winter wonderland!

Today’s mystery box – the only mystery box in this series – is frozen. The block on everyone’s benches contains rosella, chilli, beetroot and berry liqueur.

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Frozen Mystery box challenge (IMAGE - 10)
Frozen Mystery box challenge (IMAGE – 10)

“Contestants, you have 30 minutes to chip through your frozen block for ingredients.” Amaury explains before flashing that megawatt smile that starts melting the frozen blocks. Joking!

“Contestants, you have two and a half hours to make a frozen creation using at least one of the elements.” Melissa explains. Let’s go team.

After winning the previous relay cooking challenge; Anna, Reynold and Andy are immune from today’s elimination meaning there is a one in six chance for the remaining chefs to go home.

Frozen Mystery box challenge, Kaylene (Image - 10)
Frozen Mystery box challenge, Kaylene (Image – 10)

Kirsten Tibballs is the queen of chocolate in Australia. So how does she go in a challenge where she can’t use chocolate? She thinks back to her time in the French Alps and decides to make a Kir Royal with berry liqueur. “That’s where I grew up,” Amaury grins.

Frozen desserts are not Kirsten’s strength but with determination she makes her Kir Royal with snow! It reminds Amaury of home and he tears up a little. It tastes as good as it looks, nicely done Kirsten!

Kaylene Tan is having an absolute blast with this challenge, she’s inspired by her mentor Adam D’Sylva today. Her dish, Lara pushes the boundaries and uses the most ingredients from the mystery box and is so good that the judges have to stop themselves from eating all of it. “It’s the best dessert of the competition so far,” Amaury praises, she has done her mentor proud!

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Lara, MasterChef: Dessert Masters (Image - 10)
Lara, MasterChef: Dessert Masters (Image – 10)

We haven’t seen much of Gareth Whitton today but he’s made a chocolate and raspberry cake with a beetroot ice cream. His earthy beetroot is well complemented with the crunchy cake. It’s a yes from the judges.

Adriano Zumbo is making a box office inspired popcorn and quickly skims over the sorbet. “There’s a lot going on,” Reynold says, slightly confused as he watches on from the gallery.

Judge Melissa thinks so too and reminds him, “That sorbet better be perfect if it’s not the centrepiece of the show.”

With 5 minutes to go, Zumbo starts questioning his lack of frozen elements. Oh well. How does the least frozen dessert of this challenge go? It’s a great dessert but does it match the brief? It’s what the judges are left scratching their heads over.

Jess Liemantara‘s dessert seems to be going well at first and features some beetroot slices in the oven. Meanwhile, up in the gallery, Anna smells something. “Something’s burning, guys check your ovens!” The feature of Jess’ dessert is now burnt to a crisp and now she’s trying to start the dessert from scratch.

She’s managed to recreate it all and with 10 minutes to go, she needs to peel it off the silicone and this is when the judges decide now’s the perfect time to lean over her bench as she critically peels off these slices, eventually she gets peels off the perfect slice to use.

The marvel of Jess’ dish is she serves beetroot in two different ways, “Even though she struggled to make it, she persevered, this is her best plate so far.” Amaury praises.

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Morgan Hipworth’s making a Peach Melba but his dessert isn’t freezing as fast as planned. Kirsten asks him if he has factored in the alcohol contents of his dish, he hasn’t and it’s affected his freezing. When Morgan finally finishes making his Peach Melba using the berry liqueur it’s already melting in front of the judges, as they lap up the drops. It’s not looking good for Morgan.

The Results:

Top of the class: Kay-lene
Middle of the back: Kirsten, Jess and Gareth
Bottom two: Adriano, Morgan.

Both Adriano and Morgan only used one ingredient in the mystery box, one was expertly made and one wasn’t, unfortunately it was time for Morgan to go home.

“You are so much more than the doughnut kid, we’ve loved having you here.” Amaury says in parting.

“I’ve learnt a lot along the way, I’m excited to use the skills and tricks I’ve learnt from the competition into my own cafe,”

Morgan Hipworth

Morgan walks out of the MasterChef Kitchen with his head held high.

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