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Leah calls out dirty players in dramatic THE BLOCK Twist!

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Tensions on The Block are palpable, with a new rift seeming to form among contestants.

Kyle and Leslie, Eliza and Liberty, Steph and Gian, and Kristy and Brett seem to be on one side, while Leah and Ash are isolated on the other.

During a meeting at Kyle and Leslie’s residence, the four couples discussed the possibility of Leah and Ash demanding a financial audit of House No.1’s landscaping expenses. The consensus? They wouldn’t have the necessary backing if it came to it.

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In an interesting twist, Leah revealed she had no intention of calling for a body corporate, expressing her desire to put the past behind her. But the real drama was yet to unfold.

A sudden call from Camerich brought Leah some unexpected news: her Block Bucks had been retracted by Leslie. The shock of this revelation was evident.

“Not only the loss of the Block Bucks but the manner in which Leslie went about it without informing me,”

she lamented, visibly distraught. This move led her to label House No.1 as “dirty players.”

Defending her actions, Leslie stated she felt deeply wronged by the prior face-off with Leah, especially when her integrity was put in the spotlight.

“After that confrontation, I felt I needed to take some action,” she explained.

As the day progressed, the betrayal weighed heavily on Leah, even as Scotty and Shelley made their routine visits.

However, a silver lining emerged for the contestants when Weber granted each of them an extra $5000, lightening the mood temporarily.

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Meanwhile, troubles for Kristy and Brett didn’t seem to end. Their continued issues with their landscaper took another hit when he neglected to place orders for plants. It appears a storm is brewing between House No.3 and their gardening professional.

The Block continues 7pm Sunday on Channel 9 and 9Now

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