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RECAP | Ash and Kristy’s fiery clash dominates this ep of THE BLOCK

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In an explosive episode of The Block, drama overshadowed renovations, as tempers flared during a critical body corporate meeting.

Leslie called the meeting to discuss a controversial proposal from Brett. He aimed to swap the front and backyard of House No.3 for the upcoming judging. His strategy? To showcase his pool during the final week of the competition.

However, it became evident that Brett’s ambitious plan would not win the support of the body corporate. This disagreement set the stage for a fiery clash between Ash of House No.2 and Kristy of House No.3.

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The main point of contention for Ash was Kristy’s perceived cold shoulder towards him and Leah. He emphasised a desire for civility as the competition nears its climax. “I just want things to be civil,” Ash could be heard saying.

But the conversation quickly spiralled, with both parties hurling insults. Onlookers, other Block participants, witnessed the heated exchange with palpable discomfort.

Ash, still evidently nursing a grudge following a fallout with Kristy and Brett weeks prior, was notably vocal in his resistance.

“Ash, you’re being an absolute dick,” Kristy interjected, “Shut the fuck up.”

Ash’s wife, Leah, chimed in, looking disheartened, “You don’t say that…”

Challenging her former close friend on The Block, Kristy retorted, “Are you joking? Are you actually joking?” adding, “[Ash] has come at me the whole fucking time! I haven’t said anything!”

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Ash countered sharply, “Exactly. You don’t talk to us. You only talk to us when you want something.”

“WHO CARES? I DON’T HAVE TO FUCKING TALK TO YOU! WHAT DO I WANT FROM YOU?” a clearly upset Kristy responded.

Amidst the chaos, Leah discovered that Kristy and Brett had enlisted their tilers for waterproofing. Infuriated, Leah delivered a stark ultimatum to the tilers: siding with Kristy and Brett would mean the end of their professional association.

The meeting concluded without Kristy and Brett securing the desired votes. However, the tension lingered. Ash subsequently tried to address his grievances with Kristy, expressing frustration over her prolonged silence.

“Do you want to keep going how it’s going?” Ash inquired about the ongoing feud. Following a brief pause, Kristy stated, “I’m not bothered by it.”

In an unexpected turn, Ash proposed a truce, asking, “This is me doing a last plea – do we do the last two weeks [of The Block] as friends?” What followed was an evidently strained group embrace in a bid to restore peace.

However, Leah, later sharing her viewpoint on the incident, conveyed skepticism over the possibility of reconciliation. “I’ve been on the receiving end of her nastiness … she is unhinged. Completely unhinged,” she commented. Leah labelled Kristy’s manner of addressing her husband during the meeting as “unforgivable.”

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Following the altercation, most of the contestants vacated the scene. Although Ash and Kristy attempted to find common ground, Leah remained incensed. She expressed deep resentment towards Kristy, particularly for her disrespectful words directed at her spouse.

However, it wasn’t all about the drama. The contestants still had renovations to focus on. They diligently worked on their bathrooms and revamped rooms to meet the looming deadline.

In a twist, a challenge call from Arnotts biscuits offered a breather. The challenge, aptly named “It’s A Blockout”, saw the contestants rendezvous with Leila McKinnon, the renowned host of Aussie Ninja Warrior, at a picturesque winery. They were introduced to an obstacle challenge with a tempting prize of $10,000.

As the episode wrapped, viewers were left pondering: will renovations and challenges smooth over simmering tensions, or will personal grievances impact the final outcome of The Block? Only time will tell.

The Block continues 7pm Sunday on Channel 9 and 9Now

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