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THE BLOCK RECAP | Can Teams Overcome Personal Drama for the Win?

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After a notably tense birthday dinner involving Ash, where Kristy overtly ignored him and Leah, the Hampton East Blockheads can’t stop buzzing.

Kristy brushed off the situation, stating it was merely “dinner in a show“. Meanwhile, Leah’s heartbreak is palpable. Tears flow as she grapples with feeling invisible to her one-time closest ally.

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While Kristy and her partner Brett perceive this friendship rift from another lens. To them, this fracture offers a chance to recalibrate and turn their attention inward.

Amidst the interpersonal drama, the show’s challenges persist. Liberty is, once again, left waiting for Eliza, a regular occurrence in this season of The Block. As is typical, Eliza seems to strike a conversation with just about anyone who crosses her path.

The Ronald McDonald House challenge ushers in a new dynamic. Teams form with Leah and Ash, Kristy and Brett, and Eliza and Liberty collaborating, while Dylan and Jenny, The Block veterans from the previous season, team up with Steph and Gian as well as Kyle and Leslie.

The palpable tension between Leah and Kristy refuses to wane. Even as they find themselves working in close quarters, painting exteriors side by side, attempts at reconciliation fizzle. Leah takes the lead, reaching out to explain her conscious decision to distance herself from perceived negative group behaviour.

Kristy, however, retaliates, implying Leah should’ve addressed her own actions, notably towards Steph, long ago.

Despite personal differences, the end result at Ronald McDonald House is nothing short of impressive. The revitalised playground and shared gardens are testament to their collective effort. But, as always, there’s room for only one winning team. Landscape luminary Dave Franklin steps in to assess their work. The verdict? Leah and Ash, Kristy and Brett, and Eliza and Liberty split the victory, sharing a $15,000 windfall.

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Reflecting on the day’s work, Kristy acknowledges the underlying tension but appreciates their united front for a noble cause:

We may not all like each other, but we still can work together for a very worthy cause“.

The Block continues 7:30pm Thursday on Channel 9 and 9Now

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