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Shock departures as CJ, MARJORIE and TASH walk out of the mansion on THE BACHELORS AUSTRALIA

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Oh honey, buckle up because Monday night’s episode of ‘The Bachelors Australia’ was a rollercoaster of drama and tears.

As if the tension between Jasmine and Thomas wasn’t enough, we had three ladies packing their bags and leaving the mansion like their lives depended on it. CJ, Marjorie, and Tash clearly couldn’t handle the toxic environment and said goodbye to the Bach Mansion.

Osher had the unfortunate task of breaking the news to Thomas and Jed, who were both left in shock. Jed, in particular, was left scratching his head as he thought his connection with Tash was strong. But girl, bye.

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To lighten the mood, single and group dates were on the menu, with the latter involving wine and bug rolls at a GC location. Felix got a little surprise when Krystal took a dive into the surf fully clothed, proving that she’s both spontaneous and desperate for his attention.

The rose ceremony was a quieter affair, with Felix saying goodbye to Jenae.

But the drama doesn’t end there, because Tuesday night, Felix will come face to face with Jessica’s boyfriend, Damien.

Get ready for more drama, more tears and more Bachelor shenanigans, Tuesday night at 7:30pm, only on Channel 10 and 10 Play.

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