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Comedy Central Australia releases new Aussie animation series The Mike Nolan Show

The Mike Nolan Show is the second local production exclusively commissioned for Comedy Central Australia, since the brands launch down under earlier in the year. The series follows on from the absurdist sketch group Aunty Donna’s series Trendy, which broke traffic records on

Hayley Pearson & Lauren DeCesare reveal Best of Adelaide

Hayley Pearson and Lauren DeCesare, founders and creators of Adelady, will host the TV version of their online sensation, which will be produced by Channel Nine Adelaide.

Accused – Tonight on Foreign Correspondent

A puff of rumour grew into a tempest of accusations that led to the jailing of seven people for alleged child abuse at an elite international school in Jakarta. Was justice served - or was it a case of moral panic? 

The Miracle of Kobani – This week on Four Corners

On the shattered streets of this Syrian border town, almost wiped off the map by ISIS, something extraordinary is happening.

AIRDATE: The Briefcase on Nine

Each week on The Briefcase we meet two families who, through no fault of their own, are facing crippling financial troubles.

The day Mike Willesee met Muhammed Ali – This weekend on @sundaynighton7

It was one of Mike Willesee’s biggest risks and it yielded one of his biggest rewards.

The Goddam Election! With John Safran

Safran explores the religious underbelly of the election, sidestepping the Coalition, Labor and the Greens to delve deep into the lesser reported minor parties - many of whom are guided by religion.

Netflix gets streaming rights for Cannes Film Festival winner Divines

Divines, one of the most critically acclaimed and talked-about films at this year’s Cannes film festival, will be available to Netflix members exclusively in most of the world later this year.

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