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REVIEW: The Night Of

There’s a sense of dread when watching HBO’s new drama mini-series, The Night Of.  Not because it’s bad, far from it.  It’s an excellent piece of TV and exactly what we’d expect from HBO.

AIRDATE: New HBO drame series ‘The Night Of’


A probing contemporary look at crime, the presumption of guilt and the urban prison system, The Night Of delves into the intricacies of a complex New York City murder case with compelling cultural and political overtones.

RECAP: Game Of Thrones S06E08 – No One

So, that internet rumour doing the rounds before the airing of ‘No One’ turned out to be a fizzer and hearts were broken all over the internet.

Third season of HBO drama The Leftovers to be filmed in Victoria

The third and final season of HBO drama series The Leftovers will be filmed in Victoria.

REVIEW: Mick Jagger & Martin Scorsese drama Vinyl | @ShowcaseAus @Foxtel

Ever wondered what it was really like in New York in the 70s?  The stories of drug fuelled excess and debauchery; did it really play out that way? With HBO’s latest offering, VINYL, you get an idea that maybe those ‘stories’ only just scratch the surface.

AIRDATE: New HBO comedy series ANIMALS | @Foxtel @ComedyChannel

Animals. is an edgy and irreverent new adult animated series straight out of New York City from the comedic genius of Jay and Mark Duplass and featuring the vocal talents of some of comedy’s biggest stars.

MolksTVTalk the podcast – The Emmys with Mark Humphries (S05E25 – ep142)

Mark Humphries & Steve Molk ask and answer all the important questions about the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards... Did Andy Samberg nail it? Did Game of Thrones really win best drama? What was the best thing in the gifting suites?

Airdate: Acclaimed HBO documentary Southern Rites – Soon on @ShowcaseAus @Foxtel

HBO documentary film Southern Rites, directed by acclaimed American photographer Gillian Laub and executive produced by Oscar-winning musician John Legend, will premiere on Monday, September 28 at 7.30pm EST,...

Recap: True Detective Season Two Finale @Foxtel @ShowcaseAUS @NikoleGunn

The body count is high, but the questions are finally in the season two finale of True Detective. But WHO actually killed Ben Caspere is almost incidental and, to a degree, irrelevant to the way the story is played out.

Recap: True Detective S02E07 Black Maps and Motel Rooms @NikoleGunn @Foxtel

As True Detective proved in season one, this is a show that really can’t be pigeon holed or second-guessed. Sure, it got off to a very slow start and had almost stagnated by episode three.  But things have steadily improved after it gave up the Twin Peaks pretence.

Recap: True Detective S02E06 Church in Ruins @NikoleGunn @Foxtel @ShowcaseAUS

It’s taken a while, six episodes in fact, but we’re starting to see some method to the madness of True Detective season two. Those who’ve stuck with it week-by-week are now being rewarded. 

Recap: True Detective S02E04 Down Will Come @Foxtel @NikoleGunn @ShowcaseAus

Criticising True Detective season two has become a bit of a blood sport. It’s too slow.  It’s too complicated.  It’s not as good as season one.

Recap: #TrueDetective S02 E03 Maybe Tomorrow by @NikoleGunn @Foxtel @ShowcaseAus

The final minutes of episode 2 gave us a much-needed adrenaline and delivered a cliffhanger, when Ray was gunned down by a man wearing a creepy as crow mask.  Had Game of Thrones rubbed off on its HBO stable mate? Had True Detective killed off a major character’?

Recap: #TrueDetective S02E02 Night Finds You by @NikoleGunn @Foxtel

After the frustrating snail’s pace of the season opener, there is some good news (and surprises) in episode two.  Thankfully, Night Finds You is a little more true to the form set by season one.

Recap: Game Of Thrones S05E09 The Dance of Dragons

Expectation can be a tough master, especially on a show like Game of Thrones.  The fans have come to expect ‘big’ things as we near the end of the season.

Recap: Game Of Thrones S05E05 Kill The Boy

Heads up everyone.  There will be violence and nudity in Episode 5.  Just in case you were wondering.  But really the pre-show warnings should include ‘this episode contains scenes of emotional torture and dragons'.


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