Stan’s bold new documentary REVEALED: BEN ROBERTS-SMITH ON TRIAL

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Stan has unveiled its latest investigative foray, the much-anticipated documentary Revealed: Ben Roberts-Smith Truth On Trial.

Set to premiere on December 10th, this exclusive Stan Original Documentary delves into the controversial allegations against Australia’s highly decorated soldier, Ben Roberts-Smith, regarding his conduct during the Afghan conflict.

Esteemed journalists Nick McKenzie and Chris Masters, recognized for their investigative prowess, spearhead this probing documentary. Their five-year investigation scrutinizes the claims that Roberts-Smith, a revered figure in the military, may have been involved in war crimes.

“Amid all the secrecy and attempts at cover ups, this documentary gives Australians the inside story into the fight by brave SAS soldiers to have the truth about Roberts-Smith revealed as well as our struggle as journalists to ensure the public learned the facts, not the myth, about Roberts-Smith,”

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Nick McKenzie stated, underscoring the significance of the pursuit of truth.

Chris Masters offered a narrative perspective, saying,

“I think of the Ben Roberts-Smith saga as a bundle of stories. We have two journalists inside the assignment of their lives; the elite SAS at war over one of their own; a courtroom drama for the ages, and behind it all, an extraordinary murder mystery.”

The documentary, produced by Dora Weekley, promises an explosive examination of the events leading up to the high-profile defamation trial that saw Roberts-Smith challenge the journalists’ claims in court.

This film is the latest in Stan‘s Revealed series, which includes hard-hitting titles like Danielle Laidley: Two Tribes, and No Mercy, No Remorse, further cementing Stan’s reputation for cutting-edge, original content.

Stan executives Cailah Scobie and Amanda Duthie have lent their expertise as executive producers to this project, ensuring that the production adheres to the highest journalistic standards while unraveling a narrative that has captivated the nation.

The Stan Original Documentary Revealed: Ben Roberts-Smith Truth On Trial will premiere December 10, only on Stan.

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