BROADCAST GUIDE | Can SCOMO and ALBO behave themselves in the final GREAT DEBATE tonight on Channel 7?


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Tonight, the Seven Network hosts the third and final “great” leaders’ debate between Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese.

The debate will be broadcast via Channel 7, 7plus and The West Australian, and in an Australian television first will feature “The Pub Test” to determine the winner.

Seven has commissioned a specialist research firm to select a panel of approximately 150 undecided voters who will judge the debate and cast their votes live from pubs in seven marginal seats around the country – Macquarie in NSW, Chisholm in Victoria, Lilley in Queensland, Boothby in South Australia, Hasluck in Western Australia, Solomon in the Northern Territory and Bass in Tasmania.

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The decision to broadcast the debate at 9:10pm after an episode of Big Brother has frustrated many political pundits, particularly those at the ABC whom have found themselves completely blacklisted by the Morrison Government.

Widely reviewed as a ‘complete shitshow’ the second debate broadcast by Channel 9 on Sunday evening secured a national audience of 950k (Metro + Regional + Streaming). The first debate broadcast on the platforms of Sky News and News Corp achieved a national audience of 416k (PayTV + Regional FTA + Streaming).

7NEWS Political Editor Mark Riley will moderate the live debate as both leaders square off for the final time before Australians head to the polls for the Federal Election on Saturday 21 May. The debate will also feature questions from The West Australian’s Federal Political Editor Lanai Scarr.

Immediately following the debate, Michael Usher will anchor a special edition of 7NEWS, joined by Mark Riley, Lanai Scarr and Professor Simon Jackman – a leading expert on Australian politics, foreign policy, public opinion and polling – for comprehensive analysis of the debate and the key issues.

They will cross live to the marginal seats to hear from the panel of undecided voters, as the exclusive verdict of “The Pub Test” is counted and the winner announced.

The Great Debate: The Final Showdown airs at 9:10pm after Big Brother on Channel 7.

The debate will be streamed live nationally on 7plus, and will be broadcast live in Western Australia on the 7Two multichannel

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Kevin Perry
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