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As we head to the ratings finish line the pressure is on each TV network to deliver the biggest possible audience… and we have their secret plans.

Scott Cam and Shelley Craft celebrate at the 2019 auctions of THE BLOCK (image – Nine)

Right now a game of bluff is happening as each free-to-air TV programmer tries to guess what their competitors are going to do with their new slate of new shows.

This is the last chance for each network to consolidate viewing numbers and every decision can have major financial impacts.

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There’s no doubt the pressure is on EVERY programmer at EVERY network.

Yesterday Channel 10 FINALLY announced the launch date for The Masked Singer. A date had not been set in stone as 10’s programming department was waiting to find out when Channel 7 would be airing the final episode of The Voice, which has been a ratings hit this year.

While Seven has not officially announced when the finale will air, they’ve essentially told the market it will air on Sunday 12 September. While rivals had expected it to air on Monday 6 September, an episode of Holey Moley has now been scheduled in that slot, meaning The Voice finale will air the following Sunday.

Shortly after the news about Holey Moley came through, 10 issued a statement advising The Masked Singer would premiere on Monday 13 September.

10 were not going to risk one of its biggest launches of the year up against the might of The Voice.

That’s how important these dates are to those in the industry.

So, here’s what we’re hearing about some of your other favourite shows…


Nine’s renovation show is set to bow out three weeks before the end of survey, with the massive finale pencilled in for Sunday 7 November.

The 17th season has struggled in the ratings this year, but recently the Sunday ‘reveal’ episodes and the ‘cheating scandal’ have shown an uptick in recent days.

The early November finale will leave Nine with three weeks of content to fill before official OzTam ratings conclude for 2021 on Saturday November 27th.


Sources have revealed Nine will launch the Sophie Monk dating show on Monday October 4th. This will allow Nine to use the NRL Grand Final as a promotional vehicle the night before.

Despite the promo campaign already going into overdrive this one is still a little way off, but once it does launch it will air four times a week Monday to Thursday.


Jo Frost, known to many as Supernanny, was promoted at the 2020 upfronts as one of the network’s new shows for 2021:

Jo Frost
Jo Frost (image – Digital Spy)

Global parenting expert Jo Frost unleashes an experiment that challenges parenting like never before in The Parent Jury. In this controversial new series, she dares mums and dads who believe their parenting style is the best to put themselves to the test.

Opinionated mothers and fathers with diverse parenting techniques will take turns judging each other’s style. From helicopter parents to tiger parents, free-range parents and social media parents to extreme authoritarians, they will all show how they raise their families while trying to influence everyone else that their way is the best.

I can exclusively reveal that Nine’s competitors have the show pencilled in for December. It’s an unusual move by any network to promote a new show at their upfronts and then run it out of survey.

While I might have my suspicions about why this one is running over the traditional summer break, I have to acknowledge all networks keep saying they are now programming for 50 weeks a year.

Maybe, just maybe Nine are being true to their word?

Even though a December launch is currently in the pipeline, the show could be brought forward to fill the three-week hole after the conclusion of The Block.

Assuming Nine does bring The Parent Trap forward, there would still be many episodes to screen after the conclusion of the official ratings year.

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Aaron Ryan
Aaron Ryan
Aaron Ryan is a former TV Guide editor and contributor for TV Blackbox.


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