Newsreader CHRIS BATH is the special guest this week on Who Do You Think You Are?


Setting out to discover if a mysterious Spanish governess actually existed in her Mum’s family, Chris Bath finds instead an adventurer with an entrepreneurial spirit who wasn’t afraid to tread his own path.

Chris ventures into country New South Wales and is shocked to discover she has German ancestry.

Uncovering the life of her German ancestors, Chris finds solidarity in their mutual love of the land and is deeply moved by the tragic fate of her three times great grandfather.

Who Do You Think You Are? Season Twelve, Episode Seven: Chris Bath airs Tuesday, 20 July at 7.30pm (8 Parts)



  1. I’d like to have a photo of my Hagenow family from the Chris Bath episode. It’s close to my heart because Johan Hagenow’s son August, the brother of Sophia (Chris Bath’s ancestor) was my great grandfather. I’d also like the video. Please advise me how I can get these. I’m so emotional right now. Carol Gardiner ( [email protected])

    • Hi Carol, I too would like to get a copy of the programme. My wife’s (nee Springall) great grand father Frederick George Springall is the brother of Joseph Henry Springall. I have many descendants and forebears of Frederick George in my data base.
      I tried SBS and they do not have the rights to the programme. They referred me to Warner Brothers Entertainment on (02) 9495 3100 but their phone mail box is “full”so they are not even taking calls.
      Best of luck John CARTMILL OAM [email protected]


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