FETCH commences viral complaint campaign after loss of CNN and CARTOON NETWORK


Australia’s second-biggest pay-tv company Fetch, has made the somewhat unusual decision to enlist customer base in a complaint campaign after losing the broadcast rights to three of its channels.

Adventure Time – (Cartoon Network)

In a social media post on Facebook today, Fetch informed its customers it would be unable to provide access to the US-based news channel CNN and two kids focussed channels Cartoon Network and Boomerang, from April 22.

The three channels are produced by Warner Bros and will soon become exclusive in Australia to Foxtel as part of a broader content agreement signed by the two parties last year.

Fetch used the Facebook post to state it was “particularly disappointed at the loss of CNN”, which it described as providing an important public benefit” to its customers.

The post went on to describe the new exclusivity arrangement for CNN on Foxtel as “inconsistent with global norms and will result in reduced access and affordability.”

Fetch went on to recommend customers concerned by the changes should lodge a complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

A spokesperson for Foxtel hit back at the claims by Fetch telling TV Blackbox;

“Foxtel is entitled to enter into agreements with channels on an exclusive basis, and of course, for internet users, CNN content continues to be widely available at

“We appreciate that Fetch is concerned about losing content from their service. However, there continue to be many alternative options open to them to source international news channels for their customers.”

Fetch will continue to broadcast a package of ten news and business channels, including MSNBC and BBC World News.

A spokesperson for Fetch has advised TV Blackbox the company intends to provide details of two new kids channels on Monday.

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  1. Foxtel needs to be made accountable for their actions, does this come under freedom of speech?? Very disappointed in CNN .It just shows its all about the dollar.
    Trump still rules it seems


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