EXCLUSIVE | Pete Evans fired from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here


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Channel 10 has made the decision to send the celebrity chef home hours before he was due to enter the jungle

A neo-nazi symbol appeared in a cartoon uploaded to social media by Pete Evans

Channel 10 is on the PR offensive this morning trying to discredit reports by TV Blackbox that Pete Evans is not in the cast for the upcoming season of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

But TV Blackbox can reveal the controversial chef was fired this morning at 6.30am after a a post by the former TV star went viral.

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Discussions had been going on between Channel 10 and ITV (the production company) about whether Evans would be allowed to enter the jungle as the backlash on social media continued to grow.

Many users stated they would not watch the show if Evans was on it.

Evans had come under fire for Neo-Nazi content he posted on social media.

While the meme of a caterpillar and butterfly might seem harmless enough, the inclusion of the neo-nazi Black Sun symbol was anything but.

*Listen to more about this story on the latest episode of the TV Blackbox Podcast

And Evans knew exactly what he was doing.

When a Facebook user pointed out the Black Sun symbol, Evans replied:

“I was waiting for someone to see that”

As Pedestrian pointed out, The Black Sun was developed by Heinrich Himmler — one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany.

Yesterday channel 10 forced Evans to remove the original post and publish an apology (of sorts) that didn’t pass the pub test as Evans previously admitted he knew what the symbol meant (see above).

The decision to sack Evans is unsurprising considering it was always going to be a risk hiring him. His ill-timed post was ultimately his undoing.

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Robert McKnight
Robert McKnight
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  1. These people at 10 shouldn’t have been trying to give him oxygen in the first place. They probably thought they were being super edgy and cool, but what they were actually being is dangerous and stupid.

  2. If Pete (idiot) Evens goes into the jungle I for one will never watch that show again ….. He has a mental illnesses put him rehab instead

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