EXCLUSIVE | SBS says goodbye to classic comedy SOUTH PARK


After more than two decades of shocking audiences and delivering plenty of laughs, SBS has aired its final new episode of cult comedy South Park.

The adult animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone has been an important part of SBS’s programming line-up for 23 seasons.

The outrageous comedy shocked viewers when it first premiered in 1997, as its cast of ‘potty-mouthed’ school kids skewered celebrities, politics and pop culture in a way that had never been seen on TV before.

The series has maintained its popularity throughout its run due to the producers ability to write and produce episodes quickly. The production techniques have allowed South Park to continue to provide biting commentary on current news events.

South Park will now find a new free-to-air home on 10’s new multichannel 10Shake which is set to launch in metro markets on Sunday, Sept 27. The program also airs on Foxtel’s Fox8 channel.

A spokesperson for SBS confirmed the decision telling TV Blackbox;

“After 23 years, SBS made the decision to let South Park go, mmkay.

The edgy, irreverent and often controversial series broke new ground when SBS premiered the cult phenomenon in the late nineties, opening Australian audiences up to a type of humour we’d never experienced before.

We look forward to breaking new ground with some original content propositions for SBS VICELAND.”

While SBS will not be securing any further new episodes of the comedy, repeats from past seasons will continue on SBSViceland for the time being.

US cable broadcaster Comedy Central is yet to confirm a premiere date for season 24 of South Park. However, a special one-hour episode focused on the Coronavirus will premiere in the US on Sept 30.

Australian broadcast details for the special are yet to be confirmed.

Kevin Perry
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  1. Thanks for the Exclusive News..
    So it will be on 10Shake, Foxtel’s FOX8 and what about Fetch’s Comedy Central, will it still be showing there??

  2. As WIN and SCA will not be carrying 10 Shake in any form, regional South Park fans will just have to watch the show on Foxtel or buy the DVDs


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