Play School launches new series CONNECT and Play to explore communication

Play School (image – ABC)

Learning how to communicate confidently and competently is an essential part of a child’s development.

Play School’s new series Connect and Play will explore different communication tools and utilise the  ‘Play  School Connection Hub’  to help promote further curiosity, imagination and creative thinking.

Join Abi, Alex, Sofya, Leah, Teo, Kaeng and Matt as they discover through sharing ideas and expressing emotions, we can gain a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Episode synopses

Ep 1: Join Abi, Alex and Sofya as they draw facial expressions, send messages using emojis and sing a rainbow signing all the colours in Auslan. Through The Windows we see some playful puppeteering!

Ep 2: Join Leah and Teo as they make chatterbox puppets, dress up as ‘Rusty The Robot’ and launch Diddle into space! Through The Windows we hear people singing and making music.

Ep  3:  Join  Alex  and  Matt  along  with  ‘Elphie’  the  dog  as  they  learn  about  animal communication, by playing an animal guessing game and helping Scrap and Daisy talk through a paper-cup phone! Through The Windows we meet some hard working sheep dogs.

Ep 4: Join Alex and Leah as they use the ‘Play School Connection Hub’ to email and print photos and make Humpty a crafty scrapbook for his birthday! Through The Windows we go on an interesting and imaginative nature walk.

Ep 5: Join Kaeng and Leah, with special guest Ty King-Wall from The Australian Ballet, as they explore movement and expression, learn some ballet steps and help Jemima make a movie. Through The Windows we watch some colourful bhangra dancing!

Play School’s new series Connect and Play will premiere Monday 18th May at 9am on ABC iview and ABC Kids


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