Is Alan Jones set for a much bigger role on Sky News?

Alan Jones
Alan Jones (image – Sky News)

Is Alan Jones set for a new expanded primetime gig on Sky News?

That’s the question being posed today in The Australians Media Diary column with the publication indicating Jones is keen to front programming four nights per week on the subscription news channel.

Jones already fronts two Sky News shows on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8pm. Media Diary is indicating Jones is rather keen on expanding this to four, thats despite recently quitting his radio gig due to poor health.

While its understood Jones radio contract with Nine prevents his from moving to a rival radio broadcaster for 18 months, there is apparently no restrictions on him increasing his tv role.

The potential of Jones increasing his role comes at a challenging time for Sky. The Covid virus has increased audience viewership levels, but a dramatic slump in the advertising market has caused the channel to offer redundancies to a number of staff and cut back on weekend programming.

Increased investment in Jones would potentially lead to further cuts in other areas.

Kevin Perry
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  1. So we wait 18 months to see Alan Jones join another radio station. John Laws has retired more times than Johnny Farnham, and he still on the air. So why not Alan


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