Schedule Update – REVELATION to air over two nights next week on ABC


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  Revelation  Source: ABC
Revelation Source: ABC

Due to the ABC’s live news coverage of the Prime Minister’s COVID-19 update on Tuesday night, the ground-breaking documentary series Revelation, episodes 2 and 3, will be rescheduled across two compelling nights next week.

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Tuesday 31 March at 8:30pm – Episode 2

Thursday 2 April at 8:30pm – Episode 3

 Episode 1 is available to watch on iview

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  1. Thank you for this advice eventually. Why couldn’t we be advised on Tuesday night that the programme was going to be rescheduled even if the date was not known? I stayed up till midnight ( long past my bedtime ) thinking it might come on. What about Foreign Correspondent as well?

    • Hi Mark – that’s a great question. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of the programming teams at all the networks, and then their PR teams, as to advice regarding rescheduling of programs. We at TV Blackbox aim to communicat this information as soon as we’re able.

      As I’m sure you’d understand in these unknown times where press conferences are taking priority over everything it can be hard to work out what in the schedule moves or gets bumped and where it might land again. Something like Revelation requires the free space and promotion to get the biggest audience, so just putting it on after the press conference isn’t really an issue.

  2. Well your Ignorance on that issue Aunty is unbelievable… at least you could have text say the programme will played another time… you slipped up badly…. get your act together Aunty… or you will lose your loyal followers….. D I S G U S T I N G !! Clayton Mitchell

    • Heya Clayton – on any normal week I could understand some of what you’re feeling. AS you might imagine with rolling coverage and press conferences popping up around the COVID-19 situation it’s been chaos for all our TV networks trying to keep up. This article IS telling you when it will be played another time. That the focus was on the Prime Minister’s press conference on a matter of national/global importance is completely understandable from the ABC (and every network).

    • chill out, you know theres a one in a hundred year crisis happening, save your anger for the catholic church geez

  3. So glad to know that parts 2 and 3 are to be screened. And, yes, it was a pity that you weren’t free to put a text on the screen yesterday. But, at least we have it to look forward to. Anne-Marie

  4. Did we really have to show the prime ministers speech on channel 7,9 and the abc at the same time. We can only watch one at a time and does it have to drag on for so long?

  5. I’d have thought it could be posted on iView rather than awaiting 31/3 and then placing on iView. There may be a reason for that. The inconvenience is minimal and doesn’t warrant comment really (including my own I fear).

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