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RECAP | Secrets and lies exposed in a night of bombshells on MY KITCHEN RULES: THE RIVALS

Roula and Ben went on their date – but when Jake asked Ben how it was, Ben confessed he’s actually been hooking up with Lauren!

RECAP | Roula & Rachael sit at the bottom of the leaderboard on MY KITCHEN RULES: THE RIVALS

In the kitchen, Roula & Rachael set out to redeem themselves – but after a disastrous cook they’re now sitting at the bottom of the leaderboard with only two Instant Restaurants to go.

RECAP | Sophia & Romel walk out on MY KITCHEN RULES: THE RIVALS

When House Manu gave the lowest score of the night, the Mt Isa mums were shook!

RECAP | Sue Ann & Sylvia cleaned up, scoring three 10s from the judges on MY KITCHEN RULES: THE RIVALS

Meanwhile, Ben asked Roula out on a date and Mark & Lauren came under attack from Jake, Elle and Romel.

RECAP | Season 4 runners-up Jake & Elle are at the bottom of the leaderboard on MY KITCHEN RULES: THE RIVALS

At the table, Sophia accused Mark of lying in his critiques, while Roula got up the nerve to give her crush Ben a love letter.

RECAP | Ben & Vasil took guests on a disco trip through Mexico on MY KITCHEN RULES: THE RIVALS

Lauren admitted the Fans set the bar too high when scoring housemates Jenni & Louise – much to the mummy bloggers’ chagrin.

RECAP | Dan & Steph receive their first ever 10 on MY KITCHEN RULES: THE RIVALS

At the table, Pete called out Colin’s integrity, Mark and Romel locked horns and Roula and Ben locked eyes.

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