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Timm and Britt, Cass and Keely leave BACHELOR IN PARADISE | #BachelorInParadiseAU

Feeling Paradise was no longer the place for him, Timm pulled Britt aside, telling her he wanted them to leave together and give their relationship a crack on the outside.

RECAP | Friends, foes and Fiji flings on BACHELOR IN PARADISE

At the Bula Banquet, Alex and Keely revealed a mutual interest in getting to know each other, which resulted in Keira walking away upset.

RECAP | BACHELOR IN PARADISE says Farewell to the Friendship Rose

After receiving a date card, Niranga chose to take Brittney, who he wanted to explore a connection with.

RECAP | Bro code, bula banquets and brand new bachelors on BACHELOR IN PARADISE

Seeing that love was well and truly in the air for some couples, Renee was keen to get in on that action and hoped for some new arrivals, in particular Matt from Angie’s season of The Bachelorette Australia.

RECAP | Deception, dream dates and drama as Jessica and Helena leave BACHELOR IN PARADISE

With new arrival, Kiki, capturing Ciarran’s attentions, Jessica’s parting words warned Kiki to be on the lookout for Ciarran’s wandering eye.

RECAP | Queen Keira Maguire has arrived on BACHELOR IN PARADISE

Jamie made it clear his focus was on Helena, Renee and Keira’s impending arrival.

RECAP | Fresh faces and a fiery farewell on BACHELOR IN PARADISE

A new day brought on a lighter mood and just as things were getting back to normal, Paradise veteran Alisha arrived.

RECAP | Tears, tantrums and turmoil on BACHELOR IN PARADISE

As the girls came together for a pre-banquet chat, Renee made her highly anticipated entrance.

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