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RECAP | It’s tribal council with a twist as season 2 strategic mastermind AK is eliminated on AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR: ALL STARS | #Survivor_AU

On tonight’s exhilarating episode of Australian Survivor: All Stars, challenge beast Brooke won her second consecutive immunity necklace and AK was thrown a last minute lifeline in an epic tribal council showdown.

RECAP | Swing-Vote Sharn’s shock blindside as season 3 social strategist Shonee eliminated on AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR: ALL STARS | #Survivor_AU

In tonight’s epic episode of Australian Survivor: All Stars, Sharn put her barrister skills to good use and pulled off a brilliant blindside on an unsuspecting Shonee.

RECAP | Sharn Shifts Alliances as Season 2 Straight-Shooter Jacqui Eliminated | #SurvivorAU

In one of the most nail-biting tribal councils in Australian Survivor history, the game was turned on its head as the tribe bid farewell to challenge beast, Jacqui.

RECAP | Big Dog Zach Blindsided after Exile Beach ‘Boss Move’ | #SurvivorAU

Yes, it seems volunteering to head to Exile Beach at last night’s Tribal Council wasn’t so much a “boss move” as a bad move for an overconfident Zach.

RECAP | More All Stars Banished To Exile Beach | #SurvivorAU

With a trip to Exile on the cards, the remaining castaways were desperate to win the immunity challenge.

RECAP | Heartbreaking news stops the game as season 1 runner up, Lee Carseldine, leaves AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR: ALL STARS | #Survivor_AU

It was a very emotional farewell to Lee Carseldine tonight, after he chose to leave the game immediately, following the news that his mother had suffered a stroke.

RECAP | The golden god settles his final score as season 4 mastermind Harry is eliminated on AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR: ALL STARS | #Survivor_AU

Dirty Harry was tonight the latest victim of the Mokuta alliance striking yet again and unfortunately for Harry, not even a bunch of bananas could save him.

RECAP | Tribe merge flips the game on its head as season 2 challenge beast Locky is eliminated on AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR: ALL STARS |...

Well, Locky said he wanted to see crazy moves in the game and that’s exactly what he got. A front row seat to one of the biggest moves in All Stars – his very own blindside.

RECAP | It’s blindside after blindside after blindside as season 1 original snake Nick is eliminated on AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR: ALL STARS | #Survivor_AU

You’ve got to give it to them: The Australian Survivor: All Stars love a blindside and tonight was no different, with OG villain Nick sent packing.

RECAP | Season 1 blindside mastermind Flick is eliminated on AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR: ALL STARS | #Survivor_AU

In tonight’s episode, Brooke finally got sweet revenge on her bestie, Flick, sending her home via a perfectly executed blindside.


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