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FIRST LOOK | Australia’s greatest quiz champions unite to see if they can BEAT THE CHASERS

Uniting their quiz superpowers - THE SHARK, THE SUPERNERD, THE TIGER MUM and GOLIATH - should be unbeatable.

MEET THE CAST | Everything you need to know about Seven’s SAS AUSTRALIA

The premiere season of SAS Australia sees 17 Aussie celebrities take on one of the toughest challenges of their lives, as they attempt to conquer a series of physical and psychological tests from the real SAS selection process.

7mate adds HOUSOS 2020: THE LOCKDOWN and REGULAR OLD BOGAN to the schedule

After two attempts previously in 2020, Housos and Regular Old Bogan finally make it to air on the 7mate schedule.

The extraordinary history of cruising and its darker side laid bare in a 7NEWS documentary event

The cruising industry is being battered by the worst crisis in its history as more than 300 ghost ships lie idle around the globe. In the face of the pandemic will a holiday on the high seas ever be the same again?

THE LATEST to broadcast special one-hour budget edition

The Latest from 7NEWS will tonight broadcast a special one-hour edition LIVE from 9.20pm (AEDT) with up-to-the-minute analysis of the federal budget – being hailed the most significant spending plan since WWII to save jobs and revive the economy.

Schapelle Corby on SAS AUSTRALIA “I want to change my life”

Putting Schapelle through the gruelling course is an elite team of ex-Special Forces soldiers, who will make no allowances for the star recruits’ celebrity status, age or gender.

SAS AUSTRALIA’S full line-up and air date revealed

SAS Australia is not a game. There is no winner; there is no prize. Most recruits will reach breaking point and withdraw. Who has what it takes to tough it out to the end?

Behind-the-scenes documentary THE TEST to screen this weekend on Seven

Fans will enjoy unprecedented inside access to the Australian men’s team as it fights for redemption in this feature length special presentation.

Mark Riley and Gemma Acton to host 7NEWS SPOTLIGHT LIVE Finance Special

7NEWS political editor Mark Riley and network finance editor Gemma Acton will moderate a dynamic round table

LIVE coverage of Claremont Serial Killings Trial Verdict today on 7News Perth

Rick and Sue are the only presenters who have been there from the very beginning.

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OPINION | Firass Dirani has just killed his TV career as his true colours are exposed on SAS Australia

As an accomplished actor he was always able to hide behind a mask, but now Firass Dirani's true personality has been laid...


Any given Thursday it'd be much weaker than this, however THE BLOCK and GOGGLEBOX AUSTRALIA lift our collective eyes a little

LUCY LAWLESS drama My Life Is Murder gets a surprise second season after international success

In somewhat of a surprising decision, an Australian crime drama featuring Lucy Lawless has been renewed for a second season.

Warren Mundine appointed to SBS Board position

The Federal Government has appointed Warren Mundine AO as a part-time non-executive Director on the SBS Board.

Trump vs Biden | US Election Day preview on Q+A

America is bitterly divided; the economy is in trouble and COVID-19 is still ravaging the population.

Sky News Australia sends commentators to US for LIVE Election Day Coverage

Sky News Australia has your front-row seat to one of the most significant US Presidential Elections in history.