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FLEABAG Season Two gets Free-To-Air premiere on ABC

Joyful, bleak, poignant and sucker-punch funny, the original cast is joined by a car-crash of new characters as we delve further into the world of Fleabag.

Orange Is The New Black star YAEL STONE this weeks guest on Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery

Actor and activist Yael Stone meets Julia in Sydney’s inner west, visiting her primary school and the theatre where she performed her first professional play

Heather Ewarts continues Nullarbor adventure on BACK ROADS tonight

This week it’s a tale of time travel, outer space and underground secrets. Join Heather Ewart as she resumes her Nullarbor Plain odyssey, this time from the South Australian border travelling west across to Western Australia.

Ambitious Round House to feature this Sunday on GRAND DESIGNS

Paul and Amy Wilkinson build a lakeside home in Lincolnshire made up of five circular timber buildings. But Paul's health suffers as he struggles to get this complicated build finished in just 12 months.

New ABC series to ask the question Are You Tougher Than Your Ancestors?

Are You Tougher than Your Ancestors? is a fun and immersive living history series that pits the skills of today’s kids against the exploits of children from Australia’s past to find out how they measure up!

Q&A discusses the future of sport

Australia’s most loved sporting institutions are making hard decisions about their financial position, how to bring the back the crowds and how to navigate closed state borders.

PROMO | From hashtag to global movement on FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT

Foreign Correspondent’s Sally Sara looks at how what began as a hashtag has transformed into a global force pushing for justice and equality for black people.

PROMO | FOUR CORNERS explores the age of artificial intelligence

Critics say the Chinese Communist Party is using AI as an instrument of authoritarian control.

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Behind-the-scenes documentary THE TEST to screen this weekend on Seven

Fans will enjoy unprecedented inside access to the Australian men’s team as it fights for redemption in this feature length special presentation.

ABC sets Budget Night 2020 coverage

ABC’s political and economic experts bring you live coverage and unpack the issues.

Canadian supernatural series TRICKSTER arrives on NITV this October

Based on the best-selling novel Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson, newcomer Joel Oulette plays Jared - an Indigenous teen struggling to keep his dysfunctional family above water.

Documentary, drama and children’s quotas scrapped under new government revamp

The government has revamped and revised its rules surrounding television funding, production incentives and obligations to quotas.