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CAMERON DADDO discovers noble ancestors in this week’s WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

Long intrigued by the origins of his surname, actor Cameron Daddo travels across the globe to the Channel Islands and discovers a thousand years of noble ancestors.

TRAILER | Michael Hing returns with season three of WHERE ARE YOU REALLY FROM?

Inspiring stories of extraordinary hardship and sacrifice of multicultural Australians

Bert Newton discovers the Father he never knew in tonights WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

Tonight, veteran entertainer, Bert Newton, discovers the father he never knew was a true patriot who devoted his life to his country.

Get cooking with SBS FOOD

Australia’s only free-to-air food channel is your go-to destination for 24/7 access to cooking and travel programs, food inspiration and recipes.

Emotional journey for Lisa Wilkinson as new season of WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? premieres this week

The 2020 season will also feature Julie Bishop, Kat Stewart, Cameron Daddo, Denise Scott, Lisa Curry, Bert Newton and Troy Cassar-Daley.

SBS counts down Australia’s votes to reveal winner of EUROVISION 2020: BIG NIGHT IN!

Plus Special Guest Performances and World Exclusive of Will Ferrell’s Eurovision Saga

PROMO | Five high-profile Australians swap privilege for life on the streets in FILTHY RICH & HOMELESS

Five high-profile Australians agreed to swap their privileged lifestyles for 10 days of being homeless in NSW.

AIRDATE | Warwick Thornton’s epic documentary series THE BEACH

Escape with the World Premiere of Warwick Thornton’s cinematic documentary THE BEACH. Exclusive three-hour TV event simulcast across NITV, SBS and SBS On Demand

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PETE EVANS to tell Australians the “truth” about COVID-19 – This weekend on 60 Minutes

There’s no doubt COVID-19 has caused great uncertainty in the world, but does that mean we should now ignore the scientists, doctors and even politicians?

Why isn’t NINE airing the American BACHELOR franchise?

The series is not even played in a lunch time slot, a graveyard slot or on 9 Now.

AFL is returning and the SUNDAY FOOTY SHOW is back at 10am

Joining the panel is legendary coach Denis Pagan, who enters TJ’s Time Capsule as this week’s special guest.

NITV and SBS On Demand launch Black Lives Matter collection

From Australia, collection highlights include the landmark SBS documentary series First Contact, which shines a light on the deep divide between Indigenous Australians and the rest of the nation by taking six non-Indigenous people and immersing them into Aboriginal Australia for the first time