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Utopia returns this Wednesday with long awaited 3rd season

Utopia explores that moment when bureaucracy and grand dreams collide. It’s a tribute to those political leaders who have somehow managed to take a long-term vision and use it for short-term gain.

AIRDATE: Utopia Season 3

The highly-anticipated third series of the multi-award winning comedy Utopia starts on Wednesday, July 19 at 9pm on ABC and ABC iview.

Sex will never be the same again – Luke Warm Sex | @LukeWMcGregor @ABCTV

There's something to be said about getting your education on all things sex from a complete stranger. No emotional attachment, less embarrassment, the opportunity to ask questions and even if judged know you may never see them again.

Humans of Twitter #010 – @Jane_L_Kennedy

Jane Kennedy is a part of the hard-working Australian production company Working Dog, as well as being a writer, Mum & enjoyer of wine. Please enjoy this latest episode in the #HumansOfTwitter podcast series.

MolksTVTalk The Podcast Episode 141 – Dave Lawson

The one where Dave plays the role of the nice guy a little too naturally. But that’s just the kind of guy he is.

Utopia: The First Project – Tonight on ABC @abctv

Tonight is the second last episode for this season of Utopia, and perhaps the strongest.

Working Dog brings the comedy back to ABC with Utopia

Set inside the offices of the “Nation Building Authority”, a newly created government organization responsible for overseeing major infrastructure projects, Utopia explores that moment when bureaucracy and grand dreams collide.


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Peter: The Human Cyborg this week on FOUR CORNERS

Dr Peter Scott-Morgan is a renowned scientist and robotics expert. In 2017 he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND), an incurable illness that attacks the body’s nerves causing muscles to waste away.