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The life and times of ANGELA MERKEL – This week on FOUR CORNERS

After 30 years in politics and four terms in office, Angela Merkel has chosen to leave public life at the height of her popularity.  No other world leader has left office at a time of their own choosing after such a long tenure at the pinnacle of power.

Season 3 of reality observation series DEMOLITION DOWN UNDER premieres today

Demolition Down Under gets rare access on site with Australia’s elite demolition crews and their mega machines as they tear apart buildings in the middle of busy cities, bring down bridges and crash through commercial developments.

CHANNEL 10 confirms Australian edition of thriller reality series HUNTED for 2022

Hunted is a reality TV series where 14 ordinary people must go on the run and remain undetected for 28 days. On their trail is an expert team of hunters who use modern policing and security methods to find and capture the participants.

Meet the cast of SAS AUSTRALIA: HELL WEEK 2021

A teacher, fashion designer, stay-at-home mum, dancer, mineworker, bodybuilder, surfer and former Federal Police officer are just some of the 14 ordinary Aussies who have volunteered for the toughest, most intense SAS course ever attempted.