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Tracy Collins Wins Immunity Pin in Masterchef Beer Snack Battle

Tracy Collins’ dream run in MasterChef Australia is rolling on. Hard on the heels of securing the power apron and the ability to shape the competition last week

The mighty Croquembouche eliminates Kira Westwick from Masterchef kitchen

Not only did they have to create a croquembouche, one of the hardest dishes in MasterChef Australia history, there was only one recipe to be split between them.

Chicken Tikka Masala eliminates Georgia Hughes in Masterchef

It was a day in the MasterChef Australia kitchen that Laura and Georgia had been dreading: a pressure test elimination challenge which pitted the two best friends against each other.

MasterChef Death Dish Risotto Brings New Elimination

Marco Pierre White saw out his epic week in the MasterChef Australia kitchen with an elimination challenge.

Laura Cassai Wins First Immunity Pin In MasterChef 2014.

In a dramatic and unprecedented turn of events, last nights episode of MasterChef Australia saw Laura Cassai, 19, become the first amateur cook to win an immunity pin

Marco Pierre White’s ‘Horror Movie’ brings another Masterchef elimination

Off the back of a dish that Marco Pierre White described as a “horror movie”, Bryon Finnerty found himself facing elimination tonight along with Amy Shields and Tash Shan.

Venison main and a rice pudding dessert eliminates another Masterchef

When the judges revealed that the pressure test had been set by not one but two chefs and included not one but two dishes, Steven Peh admitted to being twice as nervous.

Prawn and Chilli Sugo brings Masterchef Elimination

With the memory of last week’s gruelling three round elimination challenge still fresh in his mind, Sean Baxter once again pulled on the dreaded black apron, to defend his place in the MasterChef kitchen.

Ten confirms Masterchef Australia will return in 2015

Network Ten has today confirmed Masterchef Australia will return in 2015 for its seventh season.

Will Masterchef gain a Prince Harry Boost? @ChannelTen

While the curiosity factor is likely to bring in audiences on night one, its hard to imagine 'Harry' providing any long term success for Ten. 

Fish-flavoured nightmare brings undone another Masterchef contestant

Contestants Nick Doyle, Sean Baxter and Sarah Todd had just two hours to recreate Lake House owner and executive chef Alla Wolf-Tasker’s “Rivers and Lakes” speciality.

Snapper brings Nicole’s elimination from Masterchef

In a unique three-round elimination challenge titled, ‘How far can your fish go?’ Western Australia’s Nicole Cleave embarked on a strategy that was met with concern and apprehension from both the MasterChef judges and contestants.

Steak and Chips brings Masterchef second elimination

The pressure to produce a “super hard” version of steak and chips sent UK-born Western Australian girl Deepali Behar home tonight on MasterChef Australia’s first pressure test challenge of 2014.

Chinese Fried Rice brings first elimination on Masterchef #Masterchefau

With a palette that tends more towards bold, southern-style soul food flavours, tonight’s Asian-themed challenge brought Brisbane’s Brendan Langfield unstuck.

MasterChef Australia Welcomes A New Cook To The Top 24 #masterchefau

Emotions ran high on tonight’s episode on MasterChef Australia when the Top 24 entered the MasterChef Australia kitchen for the first time – only to realise there was someone missing.


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