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LEGO MASTERS finale delivers massive ratings for Nine

Jackson and Alex knew that unique and detailed builds have been their strength throughout the competition, so they decided to build the Frankenstein-inspired world of a mad scientist.

Nine invites Lego enthusiasts to a home challenge before the new season of LEGO MASTERS kicks off

With LEGO MASTERS set to return to our screens on Sunday, April 19, Nine today put a call out for budding LEGO enthusiasts around the country to submit photos of their own LEGO creations.

TV BLACKBOX exclusive confirmed: Seven looking for AUSTRALIA’S TOP DOG GROOMER

The Seven network is hoping a new dog grooming show can lift its fortunes in what has been a tough year for its entertainment offerings.

Henry and Cade crowned Australia’s first LEGO MASTERS

A massive build delivers a triumphant win on the first season finale of Nine’s ode to the brick

NINE announces rating Block-buster LEGO MASTERS will return for second season

LEGO Masters burst onto our screens last month as a fresh new format and has taken Australia by storm.

It’s the LEGO MASTERS grand final week on Nine

It’s the competition that has captured the nation’s imagination and it’s set to reach a compelling crescendo across three huge nights when host Hamish Blake introduces LEGO MASTERS AUSTRALIA GRAND FINALE WEEK.

Taking the Piss out of Reality TV while inspiring Kids to Create. Why the Brickman said Yes to LEGO MASTERS

“When someone says to you, 'Hey, let's make a Reality TV show', you don't necessarily have the best thoughts in your mind, do you? You sort of think, 'Oh, it'll be a bit trashy,”

Hamish Blake looking to bring the kids back to TV with LEGO MASTERS

Bringing together the most fanatical brick builders from around Australia, the scene is set for a competition unlike any other, filled with passion, imagination and creativity, as eight pairs of LEGO-loving characters surprise and delight with the funniest battle of the bricks ever staged.


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