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Australian drama creator legend BEVAN LEE talks Between Two Worlds, Rafters and a 40-year career

This podcast goes beneath the surface to discover the foundation of his genius creativity, some eyebrow raising tales and and a unique perspective on the Australian television landscape.

Seven releases trailer for new Australian drama BETWEEN TWO WORLDS

BETWEEN TWO WORLDS is a bold, daring and emotionally gripping Australian drama starring acclaimed British actress HERMIONE NORRIS

TRAILER | Powerful new Australian drama BETWEEN TWO WORLDS coming this July

A mother. Proud, caring and strong. Her family is everything. An ordinary world. A billionaire. He thinks he has everything. Money, power and control. An extraordinary world.

Cold Feet star HERMIONE NORRIS takes lead role in SEVEN’s intense new drama BETWEEN TWO WORLDS

English born actress Hermione Norris has been confirmed for the lead role in SEVEN’s new high-concept Australian drama Between Two Worlds.


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New funding package announced to develop 20 new Australian Drama projects

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