Tag: Have You Been Paying Attention

Have Tony, Denise, Celia, Ed And Sam Been Paying Attention?

Joining Tony to find the funny in the news cycle are our sassy but sweet stand up comics Denise Scott and Celia Pacquola

Have Anne, Glenn, Hayley, Ed And Sam Been Paying Attention?

As always, Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee are there to get a rise out of Quizmaster Tom Gleisner.

Have Marty, Urzila, Kitty, Ed And Sam Been Paying Attention?

Stand-up comedian Urzila Carlson will join us to divulge the juicy details surrounding what life is like in the land of the free over in New Zealand.

Have Melanie, Tim, Celia, Ed And Sam Been Paying Attention?

Fellow comedians Tim McDonald and Celia Pacquola will buzz in alongside series regulars Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang as they nut through an hour of content that is unlikely to inform but guaranteed to leave you hanging for more.

Have Pete, Geraldine, Kitty, Ed And Sam Been Paying Attention?

Comedians Geraldine Hickey and Kitty Flanagan better scrub up on their headlines as they prepare to line up for the glory against Pete and series regulars Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang

Massive ratings continue for #HYBPA as DENISE SCOTT prepares to Pay Attention

Denise is in good company alongside return familiar faces Marty Sheargold and Melanie Bracewell plus series regulars Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang.

Ratings soar as Urzila, Lloyd, Celia, Ed And Sam prepare to Pay Attention

Isolation may have forced HYBPA competitors into separate studios, but ratings have never been stronger

Have Hayley, Mick, Anne, Sam And Ed Been Paying Attention?

Sam, Ed and Hayley will compete for the win against drive radio star Mick Molloy and stand up comedian Anne Edmonds.

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