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Life and liberty as FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT looks at American politics in the season final

Today parts of America feel like they’re at war again, as this powerful country battles disease and division under its polarising and unpredictable President.

The teachings of the Falun Gong movement are investigated on FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT

This joint ABC Foreign Correspondent-Background Briefing investigation shines a spotlight on this global movement, revealing how Falun Gong has morphed from a fringe quasi-religious group into a powerful player in America’s conservative media landscape, working to ensure another term for Trump so he can continue his war of words with China.

North Korea’s Secret Armada on FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT

Far out to sea in the Russian exclusive economic zone a secret war is going on. The Russian coastguard is stepping up its operations against the North Korean Armada.

Stolen children are investigated on FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT

Nina and Alis are among an estimated 4000 Timorese children who were ‘stolen’ from their homeland after Indonesia occupied Timor-Leste in 1975.

PROMO | FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT investigates the Swedish model to attacking COVID-19

Reporter Lisa Millar presents a profile of a country debating the value of human life as the death toll mounts.

PROMO | FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT explores the single men issue in China

All the Single Men explores the human and social impact of China’s female deficit, from the rise in the sale of sex dolls, to the loneliness of young men working in the city factories, to the desperation of men living in the rural areas.

PROMO | From hashtag to global movement on FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT

Foreign Correspondent’s Sally Sara looks at how what began as a hashtag has transformed into a global force pushing for justice and equality for black people.

PROMO | ABC looks at the real pirates of the Caribbean on FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT

Foreign Correspondent reporter Andy Park visits this tiny Caribbean nation during its peak party season, the riotous festival of Carnival.

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