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The FEED looks at six months of COVID-19

Australians responded with hundreds of incredibly intimate stories of hope, fear and resilience as they dealt with a world turned upside down by a once in a lifetime event.

PROMO | FOUR CORNERS is on the hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine

On Monday Four Corners takes you into their world, where they face extraordinary scientific hurdles as well as extreme moral and ethical dilemmas.

AIRDATE | BBC Coronavirus special with Michael Mosley

In this BBC Horizon special, Dr Chris van Tulleken, Dr Hannah Fry and Michael Mosley examine the latest research and explore some of the big questions about this virus

ABC commits $3 million from Fresh Start Fund to support Australian creatives during COVID-19

Projects in line for development support include new documentaries on Australian architecture and design, mental health, body image and sport

Lest We Forget | This week on AUSTRALIAN STORY

This is not the first pandemic Australia has faced

Four Corners reveals how fear and disease spread on the Ruby Princess

Far from protecting people, the release of the Ruby Princess’s passengers instead triggered a public health emergency with the cruise ship now named as the single largest source of Australia’s coronavirus infections.

Carry On Covid – FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT reveals how the virus has hit Britain

Its economy has had a shock too, with the Bank of England forecasting the country will now enter its deepest recession in three centuries. Unemployment is set to more than double.

JOEL CREASEY: I have lost a fair whack of cash

The popular comedian opens up about the impact COVID-19 has had on his career. While he might be the go-to host of...

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SEVEN returns to current affairs television with new series 7NEWS SPOTLIGHT

The special will feature previously unseen vision and exclusive interviews with the parents and the surviving children.

DISNEY+ commissions new animated series STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH

First appearing in STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, the four rogue clone troopers have been granted their own spin-off series

RECAP | The final three is confirmed for MASTERCHEF Finals Week but who missed out?

With Emelia through to the semi final off the back of her Gordon Ramsay mystery box cook, Callum, Reynold and Laura were left to battle it out