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Professor TIM FLANNERY asks Are We Killing Our Koalas? when CATALYST returns to ABC

In this one-hour documentary, Catalyst investigates the story behind the headlines. Bushfires, climate change, habitat destruction; popular belief is that our koalas are headed for extinction by 2050.

Former ABC Newsreader Ian Henderson returns for Catalyst Health Special

Ex-ABC journalist Ian Henderson delivers the extraordinary new research that promises to keep us all younger for longer. From diet to exercise, he uncovers the simple tips that could add years of healthy living.

AIRDATE: Catalyst returns with a new focus on Science

We’re living through a golden age of scientific discovery – and Catalyst returns in August with a new format to take you to the heart of the biggest science stories from Australia and around the world.

Production underway on rebooted series of Catalyst

2017 will see the science program return in a new hour-long documentary format with each episode dedicated to exploring a specific topic, replacing the previous 30-minute magazine-style format.

ABC confirms plans for Catalyst in 2017

The ABC has today confirmed controversial science series, Catalyst will be returning in 2017 as an internally commissioned production, but with a revised format.Under the proposed plan, a series...

ABC admits Catalyst failed audiences

The ABC’s independent Audience and Consumer Affairs (A&CA) Unit today released its findings into a Catalyst episode, “Wi-Fried”, broadcast in February 2016 about the safety of wireless devices such as mobile phones.

Testosterone – It’s Not All About Sex on Catalyst

Testosterone has long been considered the hormone that makes men, well, men.  It is an emblem of masculinity that underpins sexual desire and aggression.


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Fish Out Of Water: SHAYNA JACK this week on Australian Story

Jack was aspiring to make the team for the next Olympic Games and a stellar career beckoned. But the moment she received the result, she went from a promising young swimmer to persona non grata in the pool.