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Jamie Durie special guest on season return of ANH’S BRUSH WITH FAME

Jamie Durie has hosted more than fifty shows across three continents which is a testament to his passion for design. He’s led an interesting life that has had its challenges. Can Anh capture his charisma and passion?

Olympic cyclist ANNA MEARES this weeks guest on Anh’s Brush With Fame

From her humble upbringing as a coal miner’s daughter to winning Olympic gold, she opens up about her near-death injury, personal loss, family sacrifice, and record-breaking triumph.

Lisa Wilkinson in the spotlight for series return of ANH’S BRUSH WITH FAME

Anh’s guest this week is a media powerhouse, Lisa Wilkinson. From her big break at 21 as editor of Dolly magazine to life in the spotlight on TV, she’s become a strong voice for women. How will Anh capture her?

Should ABC viewers feel cheated by ANH DO and that 7 year old image of Chef KYLIE KWONG?

The episode featured a moving interview with celebrity chef Kylie Kwong as talked openly about the loss of child, and the difficulty of coming out as homosexual to her parents.


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