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AARON and HOLLY climb the Alherrkentye-Trephina Gorge in final episode of BACK TO NATURE

Aaron and Holly climb Alherrkentye-Trephina Gorge, a rusting quartzite rock formation, from which they look north to Aaron’s grandmother’s country. Nearby, they visit a giant ghost gum, the largest in Australia. Its roots extend far underground.

BACK TO NATURE continues tonight in Australia’s stunning Alps

Aaron and Holly visit the High Country, the Snowy Mountains-Ngarigo country in NSW, where the earth touches the sky and where rivers are born. They kayak with a river guide, and are invited to listen to country

ABC goes BACK TO NATURE with new series exploring Australia’s landscape

In this 8-part, visually stunning ABC factual series Back To Nature, hosts Aaron Pedersen (Mystery Road) and bestselling author Holly Ringland (The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart) will guide viewers through the wonder and awe of the Australian landscape, exploring stories that reconnect the audience with the natural world and with Country.

Enter the Reptile Realm – This weekend on AUSTRALIA REMASTERED

There's more to our reptiles than being cold-blooded killers. In Reptile Realm, Aaron Pedersen explores mating rituals, protective mothers & how we’re only starting to scratch beneath the scales of Australia’s reptiles.