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REVIEW | Get Prepped for a whirlwind of laughs and intrigue

This new comedy series from ABC takes a decent dig at dooms day preppers. It hints at a mystery yet to unfold. It connects us to our indigenous history. At the same time, it doesn’t once mention the all-consuming and confounding pandemic.

REVIEW | Room for rent, some conditions – MY 80-YEAR OLD FLATMATE #PilotWeekAU

MY 80-YEAR OLD FLATMATE | It’s a housing crisis - Millennials are locked out of the rental market while many older Australians live alone in empty houses

REVIEW | Sydney’s self-styled PR Queen welcomes us into to her life – I AM ROXY | #PilotWeekAU

I AM ROXY | Sydney’s self-promoting marketing queen gets another chance to tell us how great she is