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RECAP | The Cowboys, Brendon and Jackson win The Amazing Race Australia

After a tough final race to the top of Mount Kosciuszko, The Cowboys Brendon Crawley and Jackson Dening, were first to cross the finish line, sensationally winning The Amazing Race Australia and the $250,000 cash prize.

RECAP | Ashleigh and Amanda survive yet another non-elimination round in penultimate AMAZING RACE AUSTRALIA

With the Race closing in on the finish line, The Cowboys cemented their place as the team to beat, landing on the Pit Stop first, leaving The Super Sikhs and The Gold Coast Girls to duke it out in the rap challenge.

RECAP | Yet another ‘Safe From Elimination’ episode of The Amazing Race Australia

Chris and Aleisha were the fourth and final team to arrive, but they can thank their lucky vegan stars, as Beau revealed to them that it was a predetermined non-elimination round and they would live to race another day.

Salvage, Sabotage and a Super Group emerges on THE AMAZING RACE AUSTRALIA #AmazingRaceAU

Heading off to get ‘lost’ in the Glasshouse Mountains, teams paired up for an Intersection. Despite their reservations, The Geek and The Princess Chris and Aleisha, teamed up with The Power Couple Holly and Dolor to do the rescue challenge.

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