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RECAP | Secrets and lies exposed in a night of bombshells on MY KITCHEN RULES: THE RIVALS

Roula and Ben went on their date – but when Jake asked Ben how it was, Ben confessed he’s actually been hooking up with Lauren!

RECAP | Roula & Rachael sit at the bottom of the leaderboard on MY KITCHEN RULES: THE RIVALS

In the kitchen, Roula & Rachael set out to redeem themselves – but after a disastrous cook they’re now sitting at the bottom of the leaderboard with only two Instant Restaurants to go.

RECAP | Sophia & Romel walk out on MY KITCHEN RULES: THE RIVALS

When House Manu gave the lowest score of the night, the Mt Isa mums were shook!

RECAP | Sue Ann & Sylvia cleaned up, scoring three 10s from the judges on MY KITCHEN RULES: THE RIVALS

Meanwhile, Ben asked Roula out on a date and Mark & Lauren came under attack from Jake, Elle and Romel.

RECAP | Season 4 runners-up Jake & Elle are at the bottom of the leaderboard on MY KITCHEN RULES: THE RIVALS

At the table, Sophia accused Mark of lying in his critiques, while Roula got up the nerve to give her crush Ben a love letter.

RECAP | Ben & Vasil took guests on a disco trip through Mexico on MY KITCHEN RULES: THE RIVALS

Lauren admitted the Fans set the bar too high when scoring housemates Jenni & Louise – much to the mummy bloggers’ chagrin.

RECAP | Dan & Steph receive their first ever 10 on MY KITCHEN RULES: THE RIVALS

At the table, Pete called out Colin’s integrity, Mark and Romel locked horns and Roula and Ben locked eyes.

RECAP – House Manu and House Colin came together for the first Instant Restaurant

As Fans and Faves got social niceties out of the way, strategic intentions created conflict, while some flirted with the enemy. Meanwhile, Sunshine Coast mummy bloggers Jenni & Louise brought their mum hacks to the kitchen, delivering some hits (#yaasqueen) and a few misses, in a day they described as “harder than childbirth”. 


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