MKR: The Rivals

Latest: MKR: The Rivals

RECAP | Mummy bloggers Jenni & Louise are eliminated from MY KITCHEN RULES: THE RIVALS

We said “Bye Queens” to mummy bloggers Jenni & Louise whose trio of family favourites was no match for the Italian feast served by a more focussed Roula & Rachael, who scored their first ever 10s for a stuffed mushroom entrée.

RECAP – House Manu and House Colin came together for the first Instant Restaurant

As Fans and Faves got social niceties out of the way, strategic intentions created conflict, while some flirted with the enemy. Meanwhile, Sunshine Coast mummy bloggers Jenni & Louise brought their mum hacks to the kitchen, delivering some hits (#yaasqueen) and a few misses, in a day they described as “harder than childbirth”.