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RECAP | Mary-ann and Lody put family first and celebrate their daughters’ wedding on the final episode of BRIDE & PREJUDICE

Lody arrived in an emotional moment for mother and daughter. Sid didn’t turn up and Lody said he was old-fashioned but he still loved JoJo.

RECAP | The wedding is off for Milly and Micah on BRIDE & PREJUDICE

That evening Milly told Micah the wedding was off and Micah stormed through the retreat while Dannii and Denton supported a distressed Milly.

RECAP | Nathan’s mum Laurelle celebrates his wedding day on BRIDE & PREJUDICE

At the last minute, Laurelle arrived and Nathan was overjoyed. It was an emotional moment for them both with Laurelle almost too overwhelmed to speak.

RECAP | Danni gets cold feet on BRIDE & PREJUDICE

Dannii and Denton’s houseboat holiday took a dive when Dannii confided in her mum, Donna and sister, Dee, that she had doubts about getting married. When Denton found out, he confronted Donna and Dee, blaming them for seeding doubt in Dannii’s mind.


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Grab your Quarantinis and saddle up as THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS returns to Foxtel

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MTV Announce Māori Artist Rei As The Next Indigenous Artist Of The Moment

The second artist to be highlighted is 26-year-old, proud Māori Artist, Rei. The Auckland-based bilingual rapper, singer and producer firmly represents the next generation of Aotearoa artists.

2021 Surf Championship Tour to Kick Off on Foxtel and Kayo this Weekend

The WSL Championship Tour will continue to be broadcast by Fox Sports Australia after a new deal will see the extension of the partnership between the two organisations

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Join Delta Goodrem for a night of joy and holiday cheer from the Sydney Opera House with a special television event, Christmas with Delta.

TODAY release their ratings performance for 2020

In one of the biggest news years in history, families have flocked to the TODAY Show for trusted, up-to-the-minute information – and Karl and Ally have been with them every step of the way during what has been a truly testing and emotional 2020.