TRAILER | Chernobyl is reflected on during this week's SUNDAY NIGHT

Sunday Night
Source: Seven Network


It’s been more than three decades since the world’s worst nuclear accident at Chernobyl. But for a community of survivors here in Australia – the children of Chernobyl – the memories of that day are as vivid as ever.

In a Sunday Night exclusive, one Melbourne mother ventures back to the city of her birth to confront the truth of what happened there.

Join senior correspondent Steve Pennells as he accompanies Inna on her desperate search for answers. It’s a journey of unexpected joy and unimaginable heartbreak as Inna remembers her childhood living in the shadow of Chernobyl.



This Sunday Night, strap yourselves in as reporter Angela Cox takes us on board a fleet of gravity-defying catamarans. The superstars of these futuristic yachts are two Aussie skippers who are not only fierce competitors but also close mates. And these friends have a single goal – to be number one in a new international racing circuit that’s faster, and more extreme, than anything you’ve ever seen. Their friendship and their boats are about to be pushed to breaking point.


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