SBS On Demand celebrates Spring with SEVEN NEW BINGEWORTHY SERIES

Aidy Bryant in Shrill
image - HULU

To celebrate Spring, SBS On Demand will premiere seven series to the streaming platform this September

Viewers will be spoilt for choice, from comedic globe-trotting espionage to dark, gritty crime thrillers set in the remote regions of France. The seven new series are Shrill, Below the Surface, Whiskey Cavalier, Crimson Rivers, Porn Laid Bare, Let’s Talk About Sex and Instinto.

Season one of comedy series Shrill will drop on Tuesday, 3 September. From executive producers Lorne Michaels and Elizabeth Banks and based on the memoir from Lindy West, Shrill stars Aidy Bryant (I Feel Pretty) as Annie, an overweight young woman who wants to change her life – but not her body. Annie is trying to start her career while juggling bad boyfriends, a sick parent, and a perfectionist boss. USA Today called season 1 an “unflinchingly authentic depiction of a fat woman in the modern world.” Season 2 is confirmed, and the cast is currently filming in Portland.


Season two of Danish crime series Below the Surface will premiere on Thursday, 5 September. Following season one’s dramatic finale, Philip (Johannes Lassen) is on a leave of absence from TTF and begins to look into the mysterious disappearance of a former acquaintance, June. The young politics student had just returned from Syria where a bounty was placed on her head while fighting ISIS. Now three Islamic terrorists have come to collect what’s theirs.


The entire first season of Whiskey Cavalier will drop on Wednesday, 18 September. FBI agent Will Chase (Scott Foley) and CIA operative Francesca "Frankie" Trowbridge (Lauren Cohan) share custody of an inter-agency team of international superspies. Whether it's defusing a suitcase nuke on the subway, flipping a foreign agent or recovering priceless artifacts, this one-of-a-kind team provides a mashup of visceral espionage action, romance, comedy, and intrigue.


Crimson Rivers complete season one will drop on Thursday, 26 September. Set in a macabre world of gruesome crimes and harrowing rituals, the series follows detective Pierre Niémans (Olivier Marchal) and his new partner Camille Delauney (Erika Sainte) as they investigate a series of bizarre crimes in remote regions of France.


Three shows will launch in September that centre on sex and erotica. Porn Laid Bare season one will drop on Friday, 13 September – six British people in their 20s visit Spain to explore its sprawling adult film industry. They’ll discover who makes porn; how they make it; why they make it; and who makes money.

British series Let’s Talk About Sex premieres Monday, 16 September and explores the historical approaches to sex education. From watching how sex educators have handled erections and managed menstruation to how they’ve dealt with LGBTIQ+ issues and the challenges of masturbation – no subject is off-limits. The series features contributions from well-known personalities such as Miriam Margolyes OBE, Danny Dyer, and Stephen Mangan.

Lastly, season one of erotic Spanish thriller Instinto will drop on Thursday, 19 September. Marco Mur (Mario Casas) is an attractive, successful businessman, but trauma from his past prevents him from getting emotionally involved with women. Instead, he has intimate encounters in a club where no one knows anyone else. However, his past returns and now Marco must face it and all the other conflicts of his life.


These new series join other premium shows coming to SBS On Demand, including Spiral season seven (18 September) and East West 101 seasons one - three (22 August). The SBS Short Film Festival will launch on the platform from September 13 -15.