Foreign Accent Syndrome is as devastating as it is rare and is explored on SUNDAY NIGHT

Sunday Night
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Imagine waking up one morning and sounding like a completely different person -  a person who comes from a place far, far away. That’s the bizarre scenario that confronted best friends Elaine Davidson and Heather Scammell. They met when their lives – and their voices – suddenly changed forever. Both women are Australian but Heather speaks with a thick Italian accent while Elaine sounds French one day and Italian the next. As Sunday Night’s Matt Doran discovered, Foreign Accent Syndrome might sound like an exotic, even slightly comical, condition. But it is as devastating as it is rare. 



Michelle Payne made history in 2015 when she became the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup. Her victory speech immediately afterward was just as memorable. That’s when she famously told those in the racing establishment who refused to give women a go to “get stuffed”. Australian actor Rachel Griffiths will never forget watching the events at Flemington that day. She knew straight away this was a story she had to bring to the big screen. This week Sunday Night senior reporter Mel Doyle takes viewers behind the scenes of the upcoming movie “Ride Like a Girl” and speaks with Rachael and the film’s stars about racing, the power of family and girl power. 


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