GLITCH returns for Third and Final season this Sunday on ABC

image - ABC

The highly anticipated third and final series of ABC’s award-winning, paranormal drama series Glitch is back.

The new series sees the surviving Risen dealing with the challenges their new freer lives are presenting, as they try and forge ahead. But just when it seems that life might be finally falling into place for them, new threats arise and strange physical occurrences are unleashed on Yoorana and the wider world. 

Two new Risen emerge from their graves – a former Chinese opera singer named Chi (Harry Tseng), who sought fortune in the Australian gold rush of the 1850s, and Belle (Jess Faulkner), a 15-year-old daughter of an Evangelical Christian family who died in mysterious circumstances 15 years previously.

In Tasmania, James (Patrick Brammall) is staying with his parents as he struggles with Sarah’s death and caring for his new baby, Nia. Out at the pub, he accidentally falls and hits his head, but when his eyes reopen, James discovers, like those before him, that he has a newfound purpose and he decides to return to Yoorana to enact on it.

When they discover that the boundary around Yoorana no longer exists, Charlie (Sean Keenan) and Kristie (Hannah Monson) head to the city to live it up, while Kate (Emma Booth) and Owen (Luke Arnold) set out to visit Kate’s mother in Adelaide.

Back at Norgard, Dr Heysen (Pernilla August) sends ruthless security guard, Mark Clayton Stone (Dustin Clare) to find the Risen and she tells Phil (Rob Collins) about her plan to resurrect her dead daughters.

Production details

A Matchbox Pictures production with investment from ABC and Netflix, in association with Film Victoria. Executive Producers: Tony Ayres and Louise Fox. Produced by Julie Eckersley. Director/Associate Producer: Emma Freeman. ABC Executive Producers: Sally Riley  &  Brett  Sleigh.  International sales handled by NBCUniversal  International Distribution.

GLITCH Season 3 premieres Sunday 25th August at 9:30pm on ABC