Your top 11 AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR'S: Who will win?

Australian Survivor
Source: 10 Network

Your Top 11 Survivors: Who Will Win?
Australian Survivor Heads Towards Jury Villa.

Over five massive weeks, Australia has watched a tribe of Champions and a tribe of Contenders put their lives on hold and their bodies on the line in the name of becoming the Sole Survivor.

Now as the tribes have merged into one, 11 of the game’s strongest players are left to battle it out.

In the remaining weeks, your favourite castaways are left to play an individual game where they face epic challenges of endurance, reap unprecedented rewards and take skulduggery to new levels.

But those who plan on betraying their friends better beware because as of Sunday night, each player voted out will then go on to take a seat in the Jury Villa, a group of castaways who ultimately vote for this year’s winner in the season finale.

It’s every Survivor for themselves and the game is well and truly on, but just who will win?

Your Top 11 Survivors:


Abbey Holmes, AFLW Premiership Winner

Baden Gilbert, Student

Daisy Richardson, Travel Agent

David Genat, International Model

Harry Hills, Ice Cream Maker

Janine Allis, CEO

John Eastoe, Gold Miner

Luke Toki, People’s Champion

Pia Miranda, Leading Actor

Shaun Hampson, Retired AFL Player

Simon Black, AFL Superstar


Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders. Continues Sunday Night At 7.30pm. Only On 10 And WIN Network.