SUNDAY NIGHT investigates the phenomenon of look alikes. Do we all have at least one doppelganger?

Sunday Night
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Here’s an unsettling thought. Somewhere in the world we all have at least one doppelganger – a person who looks like us. Maybe they even dress and act like us.  Yet they’re not related. These lookalikes could come from the other side of the planet or in the case of John Jemison and Neil Richardson live in the same village.

Sunday Night’s Matt Doran investigates whether there could be a scientific reason for this puzzling phenomenon. Is there something deep in our DNA that solves the mystery?



It was the crack heard around the world…a video showing an Australian chiropractor cracking the back of a four-day-old baby. The technique is called spinal manipulation. And it’s claimed to cure all kinds of childhood ailments from teething to asthma to bedwetting. More and more parents are opting for this therapy ahead of traditional medicine. In fact, Australian chiropractors receive one million visits from babies and children every year.

But as Sunday Night correspondent Alex Cullen reports, the medical establishment is concerned by the trend, warning the treatment is not just ineffective. It’s also dangerous.

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