How will DAVID KOCH and SAM ARMYTAGE perform when they enter the THE CHASE?

image - Seven

The Celebrity Chase isn’t just a quiz, it’s a race where the celebrities must ensure they stay one step ahead of the Chaser, one of the finest quiz brains in the world.

Which Chaser will they face?  The Supernerd, Goliath, The Shark, The Governess or The Beast?

Rising to the challenge will be THE Sunrise team of Sam, Kochie, Eddy and Beretts, 

Future episodes of The Celebrity Chase will also feature; Ricki-Lee, Joel Creasey, Derryn Hinch, Nazeem Hussain, Lucy Durack, Merv Hughes, Lauren Jackson AO,  Anne Edmonds, Red Symons, Cal Wilson, Merrick Watts, Sarah Hanson Young, Yvie Jones, Simon Burke,  Lawrence Mooney, Abbey Gelmi, Brendan “Jonesy” Jones, Lisa Curry, Kris Smith and Pete Rowsthorn will all have the chance to win money for the charity of their choice. 

Will they stay ahead of the Chaser and collect the cash pot or get caught and lose the lot?

Andrew O’Keefe, host of The Celebrity Chase said;

"The great Carl Reiner once said that a brilliant mind in panic is a wonderful thing to see.  That’s the beauty of these specials… the pressure to be brilliant can bring out the funniest, most unexpected sides of the people we think we know so well.” 

Teams of four will face a sequence of quick-fire and multiple-choice question rounds to build up their cashpot, but if they allow the Chaser to catch them, they are out of the game.

Working together, players who make it through to the Final Chase then unite one more time before their common enemy: The Chaser.

The Sunrise team, Samantha Armytage, David Koch, Edwina Bartholomew and Mark Beretta will be the first team to play the game.

Will Sam know which terrestrial planet begins with a vowel?  Does Kochie know what the text abbreviation YSK stands for?  Can Edwina answer correctly in which world war was the Oscar winning film Kokoda Front Line produced?  Will Mark Beretta’s sport knowledge serve him well answering – the term for which automatic car gear position also means a golf shot hit from a tee?

Do they have what it takes to beat the Chaser?

The Celebrity Chase will premiere on Wednesday, 21 August at 7.30pm on Seven.